Grab Your Quarter…Shopping Paleo/Primal at ALDI

In the last few months I have become reacquainted with ALDI. Anytime that I have lived anywhere near a store, I have utilized it for a pretty decent produce selection and great prices.  If you don’t mind having to bring a quarter to get your cart, bringing your own bags &  picking up boxes while shopping so that you can bag your own groceries, it really is a pretty decent shopping experience.  (I found it really interesting that ALDI is a “sister company” to Trader Joe’s!)

Along my journey of eating “clean,” gluten-free & now Paleo, I have shopped at ALDI less and less, but also because I don’t live or work near one.

I spent some time in January prepping for a Paleo workshop in my rural hometown.  I knew it would be a waste of time unless I was familiar with what my friends and family could access in town.  I went shopping at WalMart, the local grocery store, the local health food store & ALDI.  I was pleasantly surprised with the clear Gluten-Free labeling that ALDI offers.

(Take note: If you want to act as the “Paleo Police,” please go to another site.  The meats are not pastured & grass-fed, there is no organic & I have some snack foods at the end of the list.)

I am going to share a few pictures of my ALDI shopping trip.  Keep in mind that (just like any other grocery store) you have to watch for a few things:

  • There is still LOTS of junk food. Avoid it!
  • Read labels carefully.

Special considerations at ALDI:

  • They have special buys.
  • Each store does not have the same inventory.
  • What they have one visit, they may not have at the next.
  • Bring a quarter so that you can get a cart, your quarter is returned.
  • Bring your own bags unless you want to purchase them for 10 cents
  • They usually only have 1-2 checkers, so be patient.
  • This is a great place to shop first, then fill in missing grocery list items at a regular grocery store.
ALDI has an excellent produce, meat, dairy & frozen aisle.  I don’t buy much dairy, but when I do I prefer that it is pastured and/or grass-fed.  ALDI doesn’t have that option, of course.  However, they do carry some cheeses that my kids enjoy, such as Babybel & Laughing Cow wedges which are under their Happy Farms brand.  I also like their salami & they often have a great frozen fish selection.  I have heard that the Gluten Free Chicken nuggets are good, but I have yet to find them at any location that I have shopped.  The Mashup Mom has a review of them here that includes pictures so you know what you are looking for!
I have also heard from friends that occasionally Free Range Chicken Broth (gluten free) has been a special purchase option and unsweetened coconut flakes were available, just haven’t found it myself!



  • Dried Fruit Medley$1.49
  • Dried Figs $2.49
  • Dates $1.99
  • Dried Apricots $ 1.99


  •  Almond Packs $1.99
  • Whole Almonds $3.99
  • Pistachios $5.99
There are lots of other nuts at ALDI, but these are the cleanest ones.



  •  Fruit Strip (Value Pack) $4.99
  • There is also a strawberry & raspberry version with 8 strips per box for $1.99

I find the ingredients to be very similar to a much more expensive brand of fruit ropes/twists that I buy for my picky eater.  She loves these!



  •  Maple Syrup $3.99
  • Mustard $1.19
  • Wild Alaska Pink Salmon $2.69
  • Olives $1.19
  • Pumpkin 99 cents

Watch the ingredients closely.  The salmon had a “clean” label, but none of the tuna did.


Make sure that you buy the “Natural Applesauce,” because the other applesauce contains HFCS.  Nobody really likes to eat applesauce at my house, but I like to buy it in these small containers so that when I run across the occasional baking recipe that uses it, I have it on hand.  No waste.



Produce! Great selection, although it varies from trip to trip.



  •  Salsa $1.69
  • Guacamole $2.99

These little chocolate bars are some of my husband’s favorite and he has a habit of picking up chocolate bars wherever he is and bringing them home for me.  Sweet, huh? Sometimes he brings home some pretty expensive stuff and in all honesty, he likes these better.  They do contain soy lecithin as an ingredient, but so do most of the really nice chocolate bars.  It is one of those things I don’t get too tripped up about.

  • $1.89 for each bar

I have also seen the Green & Black’s chocolate bar as a special buy for $2.49, but it isn’t always there.


 What? This isn’t PALEO! In the spirit of “keeping it real,” I thought I would show you the items we keep on hand for when we have guests over or need to take something to a party.  I also let the kids snack on these gluten-free “treats” from time to time.  Worse things have happened.

  • Sweet Potato Chips $1.99
  • Pork Rinds 89 cents
  • Tortilla Chips $1.19
  • Vegetable Chips $1.79


If you have any other tips for shopping at ALDI, please comment on FB or send me a message at  I love to improve my posts so that they are of maximum benefit to my readers! Thank you!


  1. Lindsey in AL

    Love it! We buy most of these things regularly. I’m the only one who gets to eat the dark chocolate and I’m the only one who likes the “vegetable crisps” (I don’t actually buy the latter often, but we have before). I can’t afford to get worked up about organic produce so I buy most of ours at Aldi. Cabbage, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower (often 99 cents per head for months at a time in season), citrus in season is almost always better tasting from Aldi and so much less expensive.
    Oh, ours had great avocadoes this week for a great price (definitely less than a dollar but apparently my checker didn’t charge me anything because they’re not on my receipt).
    We love applesauce but it’s too danged expensive to feed our crew regularly. I never though to buy the individual cups for baking. Brilliant! I always skip recipes that call for it because I so seldom have it on hand. I have never bought their jars because they all have sugar and yuck added.

  2. Melissa Hughes

    This is great! I am about to start a job in rural SE Kansas as a Nutrition Educator for “families of limited means”, and have started doing some sleuthing, just to be mindful of what you really can find for cheap at places I don’t do most of my shopping, but know many others do. I actually found coconut milk with no additives at Walmart, for a good price (about $1-$1.50 less than what I pay in the health food store, for an organic version….) I really like testing myself to see what I can accomplish within the constraints of what works for my body. I’m also finding canned fish to be more and more of a savior every week. Have been LOVING the Salmon Cakes from Practical Paleo recently, eating them in lettuce wraps with avocado and homemade kraut. One of the other things I find interesting, is how cheap avocados are here! I think they are less expensive than Calfornia (where they grow…lol). I often find them, organic, at my health food stores, for $0.75 each.

    Regarding pork rinds, I have never had them. But, I have seen some Paleo recipes that used them as breading? Do the ones you get have gluten in them? Have you ever tried using them as breading? I am curious. How do you find them, where do you get them, what are they made of? If you know…

    1. Author

      Growing up as a vegetarian California kid (I think I have that right about you), I am sure you aren’t familiar with pork rinds. They should be just pork skin fried in fat. So, no gluten! They aren’t a dream food, of course. Kind of a low carb leftover, Atkins style. But, if you are at the gas station or vending machine, they only have 2 ingredients so they aren’t such a bad choice.

      I can’t wait to see the experiences and challenges you encounter with your new job. I grew up in SW Missouri & am very familiar with the area you will be working with! I always clean out WalMart when I am there of the green can of coconut milk. I just don’t shop there very often when I am in the city. When I am visiting the family, I don’t have much choice.

      Thanks for following, Melissa! I love the work that you are doing. Hoping we can meetup in Springfield sometime!

  3. Jenna

    I am trying very hard to stay Paleo. I ventured off for a time and have started seeing the repercussions of that! I was pleased to find that my local Aldi does now offer several organic products and they are delicious! My son especially loves the organic apples. I am trying very hard to stay “clean” but my biggest hurdle is with dairy. I love yogurt and there doesn’t seem to be a substitute for that other than making it myself. Any suggestions would be great!

    1. Author

      Hi, Jenna! Thanks for following! Yogurt is a tough one. It seems like the yogurt aisle has 100 choices, but only 1 of them is an acceptable one. :) I try to get full fat yogurt when possible, but you are right, without making your own, there isn’t a perfectly “primal” option. We have a local grassfed brand, but it is tough to find. Do the best you can when you can!

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  5. Ann Marie

    HI, I discovered your blog while looking up gluten free school/work lunches (bento) from Aldi ideas. So I was wondering if you have any suggestions I am open to gluten free especially and my Aldi no longer carries the special “gluten free” products. So what are some things I can do to make bento boxes? I am running out of ideas. Thanks!

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